Tuesday, September 19, 2017


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What's New at Herb Essentia

Things have been very busy here at Herb Essentia.  Busy making new products, learning about herbalism, and spreading the joy at farmers markets around South Florida.  In case you haven't visited HE at one of the local markets, please stop by to taste the herbal tea of the week, and check out the HE product line which includes herbal teas for a wide variety of health needs, tinctures, salves, and lip balms!  We have recently set up shop at the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Booth #23, which runs year-round on Saturday and Sunday from 8am-4pm (click here for directions).  We will continue at other markets on a rotating basis...please see the Facebook page for weekly schedule updates.

New Products, and Stuff in the Works
We have just recently unveiled a growing line of herbal tinctures, which includes: Sleep Well, Immunity, Wise Up, and Stress Less.  More are on the way – it just takes time to make these babies, which are our signature herbal blends concentrated in vegetable glycerin and alcohol over the period of 4 weeks, then strained and bottled for YOUR convenience! :)

Also, by popular demand, I am finally releasing some smaller bags of tea, which will make about 10-12 cups.  These are a good way to try out Herb Essentia teas.  I am likely only going to offer this option for the teas that have more immediate effects.  For example, the Sleep Well Tea will make you relaxed and sleepy pretty fast after drinking, whereas the Detox Cleanser Tea needs consistent use (3 cups/day, and drink the whole package).  These are not available online, so stop by the markets to try!

I have also released In the Mood Tea during Valentine's Day!  It's created for both men and women to support a healthy sex drive.  Makes a cute gift for your lover!  Lemon Lavender Green Tea is a fairly new one, as is the Chai Tea, which I use to make Chai Tea Latte.  Have made a Chamomile Rose lip balm, which is light tasting, and packed with Shea Butter and Vitamin E.  Also working to revamp a couple of teas for an even better herbal experience!

Indeed, it is true that all of the Herb Essentia line has shifted to loose-leaf teas, from the tea bag versions.  I just couldn't continue to make those little baggies by hand any more, as the demand for teas has become too great!  But never fear, I am also selling the little tea strainers at my booth, and am happy to offer directions on how to brew a cup (I promise, it's really simple, and fun!).

Another in demand product is a muscle/joint salve which is nearing the final phases of testing, and will be released (hopefully) soon.  For the summer, I plan to offer an all-natural bug spray, and an after-sun cooling spray.  Have a long list of other products I hope to develop, perhaps over the summer while all of South Florida hibernates from the hot sun and humidity...

As a side note, I've been playing around with some really cool silver wire rings with cool gemstones.  Once these are up to par, I plan on making these available too!

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the second annual Florida Herbal Conference, which was an incredible experience for me.  Herbalism is quite popular on the West Coast (of the US), even in the North East, but perhaps because the South Florida climate is somewhat different from the rest of the US (and many common health herbs do not grow naturally here), herbalism tends to be a quiet subject down here.  Therefore, I've felt rather lonely and isolated from other herbalists, only studying on my own and via correspondence.

After attending the conference, I am now more connected with other herbalists around Florida.  I also enjoyed the experience of being taught by other herbalists live, which really adds a new dimension to my learnings beyond all the reading I've been doing.  And I am very excited, because a fellow South Florida herbalist Julia Onnie-Hay of Bless Botanicals is organizing the first South Florida Herbalists Council Gathering on March 23!  Looking forward to keeping the connections!

I've been scheduled to do a little workshop at the North Miami farmers market (in front of MOCA on 125th St) on Thursday, March 21 at 1:00pm.  I am going to discuss 5 Essential Herbs and Their Many Uses.  It's meant to be a simple intro to herbs informing people of the many capabilities of some common herbs.

In the little extra time I can find, I have been working on a Master Herbalist program through the Live Oak School of Natural Healing.  So far, it is a really great learning experience, and really helps that it is live with a great teacher — Dawn Gates, to interact with!  It will be a good 2-3 years before I complete this program though, as I am a very busy woman!


So that's my busy news for the past couple of months at Herb Essentia!  It has been a fantastic journey thus far, and I can't imagine what more this road has in store for me.  Every day is a ride.  I look forward to seeing you at the farmers markets, and continuing to receive your wonderful feedback on HE products.