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Headaches, Migraines, and Hangovers, Oh My

 Right off the bat, I'm going to share with you which of my 'T' blends is my favorite.  It has quickly become 'Headache & Migraine T'.

Why do I love this so much?  I used to only suffer from migraines once per month.  They'd last a day and then they'd be over.  I usually had to stay home from work, or suffer all day, lowering the brightness on my computer screen.  Migraines make me very light-sensitive, and working as a Web Designer doesn't allow me to be away from the screen much.

Lately, my migraines have increased to 2-3 times per month, and now last closer to 2-3 days.  Now that things are getting serious, I know I need a real solution.

I've sworn by ibuprofen liqui-gels for years.  They are far more effective for me than most OTC painkillers, and help me miraculously with aches, pains, burns, and cramps.  

However, for migraines, ibuprofen is practically ineffective.  I've tried every OTC painkiller under the sun for migraines.  I've also tried small amounts of caffeine (usually in the form of a latte), which offers some minor relief, but one sip too many, and I'm worse off than when I started.  I've tried avoiding known-trigger foods around that special time of the month, but wind up with a migraine no matter what.  

So, I developed this T blend based on a number of herbs I learned are useful for headaches.  The original formula contained Feverfew as well (which is known to be useful in preventing migraines), but since this is such a bitter herb, I had to remove it, as the T was undrinkable.  (By the way, if you suffer from migraines, you may wish to try taking a Feverfew supplement daily.  Be aware that it may take a few months for this to start working.  I'm personally unable to use this herb due to another medical reason, but it has been shown in studies to be effective.)

This T is the ONLY thing that gives me relief from my migraines.  It is necessary to drink a half cup of it every 2-4 hours for relief, but I don't care – I am so happy to find something that helps if I can't take a day off from work!

The primary ingredient used is Rosemary, which is effective for all types of headaches.  This and Peppermint stimulate blood flow in the brain.  Also the blend includes White Willow Bark, which was the original form of aspirin; Chamomile, Skullcap, and Wood Betony are great for tension, a major contributor to headaches; Sage is for hormone balancing.  Indeed, if you also experience nausea during a migraine (or hangover!), Chamomile with help ease your tummy.

One Saturday morning, I received a text message from my younger sister that "this headache tea is the sh**!"  She woke up with a (self-inflicted) slamming headache from a nasty hangover.  Adding 'Hangover' to my packaging won't fit on the label, but it's still another great use, and good to have on hand!

Another great little trick for some quick relief (20-30 minutes) is Peppermint Essential oil.  Rub this straight on your temples (keep AWAY from the eyes, and never ingest!) for some cooling relief.  This, combined with 'Headache & Migraine T' is sure to make headache, migraine, and hangover time a little less painful.